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About the choir

The Budapesti Vándor Kórus was founded in 1936 by Sándor Vándor, the first conductor of the choir.

Between 1949 and 1999 the leader of the choir was László Révész, awarded by the Ferenc Liszt Prize and the Artist of Merit. With his leadership the choir participated in numerous international competitions and festivals of the highest rank (e.g. Arezzo, Montreux, Tolosa, Tours, Pescara, etc.), and achieved prestigious international appreciation and 31 awards. The choir had concert tours in Europe, in the United States and Canada too.

Recently the leading conductor is Zsuzsanna Németh. In the last 2 years, the choir also reached significant professional success. In 2004 the choir achieved the degree of “Concert Choir Cum Laude”. In 2005 the choir won gold diploma at the 10th International Choir Competition in Budapest and at the 7th International “Chortage” in Bad Ischl too.

On the repertory all types of works of choral music can be found, like compositions of renaissance, classical and romantic masters, together with the greatest creations of Hungarian music.

The choir has numerous, radio recordings and issued 4 LPs, 3 MCs, and 2 CDs.

The ensemble is operated by the Office of the Mayor of Budapest, and the financial support is completed by the contribution of the Association of Budapest Vándor Kórus Friends, and sponsors.

The Choir celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation this year in the spirit of Mozart and Bartók.

Susanna Németh conductor

Studied at the Janus Pannonius University in Pécs, and at the Academy of Music in Budapest. Graduated on the Department of Music Theory and choir leading. She is the conductor of the choir from 1995, and leading conductor from 1999.