Choral Conductor Course a proven programme enhanced with some promising new offers

Are you a practicing choral conductor?

…Or are you willing to be one soon?

Would you like to try working with a quality amateur choir?

Are you interested in their repertoire?

Would you be happy to obtain help from high professionals for choosing special performing solutions and correct tempos, or deciding on questions of phrasing and dynamics?

…And last but not least: Would you like to be part of a high standard, varied and ceremonial closing concert?


Then try the proven course of Budapest Vándor Masterclass in Hungary, which offers various opportunities to participate. You would cooperate with Budapest Vándor Choir, a choir that has been actively involved in the last 82 years of national and international choral culture. This choir has won several international awards as well as the highest possible certificate for Hungarian amateurs, the Concert Choir certificate, and currently has a repertoire representing all eras from the Renaissance till the 21st century.


However, you may have already tried all this and would like to keep working together the choir… Perhaps you prefer getting down to work with the choir right away?

…Or would you rather start by building a firm ground for your work by doing conducting exercises first?

…Or you might like to try, but would rather not stand in front of a choir first; for now, would you just like to sing along and listen to what the conductors are doing?


Check out below what Budapest Vándor Masterclass offers the different (Active1, Active2 and Passive) groups: you will most likely find your preference.

The masterclass welcomes all participants that are willing to improve their mixed-choir repertoires proficiency, improve their conducting techniques and realise their artistic ideas in cooperation with an excellent, cheerful amateur choir.



At previous masterclass, we have met many talented conductors; some of them have visited us more than once and have been improving in front of our eyes to become more and more determined and intuitive conductors who could build their own musical ideas. For these people, and for already active conductors (i.e. already leading a choir) we have created a new opportunity that omits conducting practice in front of a piano. This option allows the conductor to start work and make his or her concept of the concert piece right away, in front of the choir. The capacity of this category is 3 participants.


Conductors have the opportunity to take part in conducting practice before standing in front of the choir. Practice focuses both on technical and musical realisation. The masterclass allows the conductors each piece to be dealt with, which is also highly recommended, for a more active and effective participation. Conducting in front of the choir would then only involve the piece chosen for the concert. The maximum number of participants in this category is 6.

c/ Passive

Members of this group can take part in all rehearsals and masterclass of the 5-day event. The number of applicants/participants is unlimited.


Programme of the Masterclass:

24.10.2019 (Thursday): 18.00-20.00 rehearsal with the choir (Active1)

25.10.2019 (Friday): 10.00-12.30 and 13.30-16.00 conducting practice to review the technical implementation of the pieces (Active2). 17.00 warm-up with the choir, then till 20.00 rehearsal with the choir (Active1, Active2).

26.10.2019 (Saturday): 9.00-12.00 rehearsal with the choir (Active1, Active2), 14.00-16.30 conducting practice (Active2), 17.00-19.30 rehearsal with the choir (Active1, Active2)

27.10.2019 (Sunday): 14.00 rehearsal for the closing concert. 16.00 closing concert, then a standing reception presented by members of Budapest Vándor Choir with professional reviews on the masterclass and the work of the conductors.


The masterclass activities will be managed by Artisjus laureate conductor of Budapest Vándor Choir Zsuzsanna Nemeth, and Zsuzsánna Mindszenty, DLA professor of Eötvös Loránd University. Diána Hajdú, member of the Hungarian State Opera, gives instructions on the methods of suggestive singing.


List of musical pieces of the masterclass:


Petrovics: Játszik a szél

Márton Levente Horváth: Nunc dimittis

Árpád Balázs: O Maria

Tallis: If ye love me

John Rutter: Christmas Lullaby

Vytautas Miškinis: Gloriosa dicta sunt


Ola Gjeilo: Pulchra es amica mea

Bruckner: Ave Maria

Mendelssohn: Denn er hat seinen Engel

Mendelssohn: Am Neujahrstage

Aurél Tillai: Lauda Sion

John Rutter: The Lord bless you


Victoria: O magnum mysterium

Miklós Csemiczky: Pater noster

Brahms: Letztes Glück

Kodály: Sík Sándor Te Deuma

Bárdos: Szól a doromb

Karai: Vidám nóta


 The participants are kindly requested to register for at least two musical pieces in their application form. The closing concert will allow one musical piece per person to be presented with the choir, and due to time limitation, the conductors will practise only that piece with the choir. Practice with the choir is meant to let the conductors teach them their own musical interpretation of the piece.


Further information:

Accommodation and meals:

Not included in the participation fee and participants are to take care of these themselves, though if requested, organisers can offer help in finding accommodation.

Participation fee for the masterclass:

For Active1&2 participants €100, for passive participants €50. To ensure the place, the active members are asked to pay €25 in advance until 5th October, 2019 the latest.

Payment information:

Payment should be transferred to MagNet Bank, Hungary To: VSRLEA

Bank account number (IBAN): HU08162002160023912700000000


In order to identify please indicate the name of the participant on the bank transfer.

The rest of the fee for active applicants and the entire fee for passive applicants are paid after arrival, on the spot. In case of cancellation the advance payment cannot be reimbursed.


Please note that this masterclass can take a maximum of 9 participants in the Active categories, in the order of application and based on the data on the application forms. Applicants will be informed until 10th October 2019 the latest via email.

Please also note that the distribution of the pieces for the closing concert will be based on what you have indicated in the application forms, and on the timely arrival of the down payments.

 Application form


For further information and with all questions, contact: Dr. Eszter Berényi via phone +3630/362-9950 or mail,


Deadline for application: 5th October 2019.

Please send your application forms to the e-mail address.

We wish all of you a good time and good luck with preparation and hope you will enjoy working with us!


The Organisers